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Packing and Moving Tips

  • Remember to pack all kind of required documents like passport, id cards, medical records etc in one place because these documents can go missing specially while you are packing larger items. These documents are so vital and must be packed properly.

  • Remember to keep all your contact information, telephone diaries etc so that when you got o your new home, you have all the contact information of your friends and relatives with you.

  • Remember to collect all your clothes etc that you might have given to the dry-cleaners, or local tailors etc. usually people forget about hose small items and once you move to a new city it wont be easy for you to come back and collect those small items.

  • Pay all your bills of the local vendors like Newspaper supplier, milk supplier, local cable operators, neighborhood grocery stores etc

  • Remember to request change in address for the postal communications like your magazine subscription, share and bonds certificates etc

  • Remember to put a label with your new address to your current home/office so incase any documents come to your current address can be posted to your new address. This could be very helpful especially if you are shifting your home or office in the same city.

  • Remember to clear your current house before you leave, this shows how sincere you are and especially if you are in a rented house, this will please your landlord.

  • Remember to keep some spare funds, because once you move to a new city you may not have access to the funds/ban accounts unless you transfer your accounts to the new city.

  • Remember to leave the keys of your old home with the landlord if you are in a rented house and make sure to have the keys of your new home or office with you.

  • If you remember these many points, you could enjoy your home or office shifting or relocations. If you have any other tips to remember, just add it via comments and I will update the post.
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